The PokerStrategy business model

You are wondering why we are making a cost-free and non-committal offer and giving away starting capital? Getting $50+$100 for free without any obligation is hard to believe. We live on our members who play poker on-line at poker platforms. PokerStrategy receives a commission for it from these poker platforms. This commission is financed by the revenues of the poker platform meaning that playing at these poker rooms is by no means more expensive than playing there without registering over PokerStrategy. First of all PokerStrategy invests $50 starting capital in every member so that the member – you! – can learn poker risk free without depositing your own money. You can release an additional $100 bonus for free while you are playing. PokerStrategy only gets a commission if the members is playing poker. That means it is in PokerStrategy‘s as well as your interest if you play well and increase your starting capital. If our members gamble away their starting capital PokerStrategy does not get any provision. Therefore typical gamblers are not our target group.
The better you play and the higher the stakes you are playing at, the higher the commission. PokerStrategy and you have the same goal: If you win, also PokerStrategy wins! And the more you win, the more PokerStrategy wins. Thus it is an advantage for both sides. Because of this we are keen to offer high quality knowledge, coaching and interesting promotions to our members. The bigger part of the on-line poker players is just playing for fun and does not have the necessary strategic knowledge to play poker successfully. Therefore the members of PokerStrategy have a big advantage which will directly affect your winnings. We can invest the $50+$100 starting capital in you with a clear conscience because we are positive about our offer. The experience and our big community show that we are first class when it is about making you an excellent poker player.

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