How important is to know the rules very well

This is perfect example of how important is to know the rules of the game before you sit down at a table. It is multi table tournament (MTT) and the two heroes are: KUZIA and BOURBON222.
On the preflop with his weak Ace BOURBON222 decided to make a small raise and was paid by KUZIA who was sitting on a low pair. The flop missed them both so they checked.
On the turn BOURBON222 caught an eight so he betted half of the pot and reasonably was paid by the opponent who had its right to suspect that his 55 are good. The river changed the whole complexion of the game: because on the board there where two pairs QQ and 77 and KUZIA pocket pair had no value. Even if I had stayed in the game with my J2 would in front.
BOURBON222 betted the pot and KUZIA – the most wrong move (if he had reraised he had a chance of taking the pot after all).

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